High Performance brushless Servo Drive (From International Source) Low inertia, brush less AC Servo motor with high energy; Precision incremental Optical Encoder (In built) to provide velocity & position loop feed back.

Industrial Hardened Terminal : Easy-to-read solid state Interface Terminal display area with a backlit 4 line display, sealed membrane keypad with tactile feedback. User Friendly Interface : The Interface Terminal directs the operator with clear, descriptive message in plain English. Pressing the Help Key While in different screens directs the operator with instructions on how to change parameters or look at information. Different modes of operation can be selected as well as jogging forward or reverse in manual mode.

sai krupa servo system

Batch counting : The operator chooses the number of parts to make and the Interface Terminal will display a message when the count is reached Up to 999,999. Advanced Feed-Angle Monitoring : Continually monitors the feed-angle and the material position.


Accuracy to ± 0.02mm roll position is achieved through, closed- loop servo control and precision gearing.

When connected to the press control. advanced diagnostic protect machinery and dies by automatically stopping the press if a fault is detected. On-Screen message displayed in English. Smoother feeder operations with controlled acceleration profiles. Up to 99 parts can be pre-programmed by part number, each having unique length, feed rate, acceleration and jerk configuration.

Multiple cycle choices-feed before press, press before feed, or intermittent operations - allow the user to set up the roll feed specific to his needs. Input Power: 230/ 415V, 3 Phase. No Transformer Required. Panasonic AC Servo feeder unit as per your requirement.

Model Capacity at full Width(mm) Feed Roll dia.Opening(mm) Thickness(mm) SPM
SKE 100S 1.5 100 64 2.5 0.2 1.5 300
SKE 200S 1.5 100 64 2.5 0.2 1.5 300
SKE 300S 1.5 100 64 2.5 0.2 1.5 300