Mechanical Roll Feeder

Roll Feeder the exact length of metal (MS,Brass Copper and any material strips) of 0.0 mm to 2mm thickness & maximum width of 300 mm to Power press for various type of die stamping & progressIve tooling. Feeder normally feeding is 80mm.

sai krupa mechanical roll feeder

Machine Feed Accuracy

Depends on feed length of stock and stroke of press, the general accuracy Is within +/-0. 05mm, and can be better up to +/-0. 01mm by pilot Pin with automatic stop system. The Mechanical Feeder is a state of art technology with proper guides to glide metal strips according to requirement.

Press machine Mechanical Roll Feeder

Mechanism Feature One way clutch Made of Harder steel on the contacting surface to keep rigidity, precision and durability. The gear is hardened to HRC 60°and ground to the best transmission accuracy


High feed accuracy at exact positioning with heat treated to HRC 60° and ground for the best rigidity and durability.

Disk Brake

Apply the best brake lining to have accuracy, durability, and rigidity. (High speed feeder only)

The Anti-reversing Device

  1. The structure is same as the one way clutch. It can precisely control the lower roller which will not reverse even for long time used as it is high in stability and precison.
  2. The brakes will not out of control by the spalashed waste oil when it is punching such cause the lower roller to revere, and transfer distance unprecise.
  3. It will not cause high heat.
  4. Super hard alloy and rolling post have used. They are not easy to wear out.

As per your requirement What We give you !

  • 100mm to 300mm feeder.
  • Feeding length 3mm to 300mm.
  • Pilot relies system
  • Edge guide in built feeder table (bracket) & maintenance free operations
  • Model Width(mm) Pitch(mm) Thickness(mm) SPM
    SKE 75M 5-100 5-75 0.2-1.5 150/300
    SKE 100M 5-100 5-100 0.2-1.5 150/300
    SKE 150M 5-150 5-100 0.2-1.5 150/300
    SKE 200M 5-200 5-100 0.2-1.5 100/200
    SKE 250M 5-250 5-100 0.2-1.5 100
    SKE 300M 5-300 5-100 0.2-1.5 100